Poems of the Golden Dragon Book Cover vs3-gold 6x9Mystic Lyrics of the Golden Dragon

Poetry and Life…. The Universe is an immense vase of poetry.  Everything contains poetry; everything in this world is a part of poetry.   Poetry is everywhere, in all being, in all things.  It sings with the waves.  It dances with the stars.  It radiates with the sun.  It lives in the green foliage, in the scent of flowers…

Poetry has lived in my grand-uncle, Tran Van Tung, a French Vietnamese poet, novelist and painter.   His love for poetry, arts and literature is eternal in his published books and unpublished manuscripts.  Several of his books earned accolades and prestigious literary awards from the French Academy in the early 1940’s.  His writing is a fusion of Eastern and Western culture, with love and poetry as the bond.  This particular book is a collection of mystic poems from two of his acclaimed rare books:  “Muses of Paris” (1942) and “Songs of the Golden Dragon” (1945) published in France with limited edition

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